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Veljko Sikirica

Associate Director - Procurement Policy Department - Procurement Expert

Milka Kosanović

Croatian Employers' Association
Director of Membership Affairs

Nina Čulina

Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts
Head of Sector

Veljko Sikirica has retired from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) holding a position of Associate Director, Procurement Policy and Advisory Department, effective April 1st 2018, after 10 years of professional service in Procurement policy department at EBRD and after accumulating more than forty years of experience in Engineering and Procurement.

During his tenure at EBRD, he had a corporate role and was responsible to maintain and strengthen Procurement Department’s fiduciary function in order to ensure that the Bank’s Procurement Policies and Rules (PP&R) are respected and complied with in Bank financed projects, as well as, for the development and interpretation of procurement policies and standard documents. He handled complaints and managed corporate functions such as independent procurement reviews and internal audit reports.

He was responsible for the Nuclear Safety Department guidance, support and monitoring in procurement, including the design and setting up of appropriate approval mechanisms for  more efficient procurement processes.

He was responsible as Programme Leader of EBRD Procurement Capacity Building and Training Programme, a Shareholder Special Fund Programme of the EBRD to strengthen the institutional capacity of EBRD’s Clients in procurement.

He was responsible for training and capacity building function and programmes in procurement for EBRD staff, as well as, for Bank’s Clients. In addition, he was permanent resource of Bank’s Business Outreach Programme on Procurement topics.

He was responsible for Procurement for Sustainable Development Initiative as Procurement Department’s spokesperson for environmental, social and sustainability issues.

During the last five years he has been part of the Teaching Staff and continues to teach at the International Master in Public Procurement Management (IMPPM), University of Rome Tor Vergata and is a member of the Executive Committee. (www.masterprocurement.eu ). Further, since 2018, he has joined the teaching staff at the University of Belgrade MPPM Master and at ILI Institute in Georgetown, USA in Procurement and Project Management. He has accumulated more than twenty years of teaching experience as a practitioner and in addition to the IMPPM in Rome, he has played a key role in organising and managing the foundation of IMPPM Master at the University of Belgrade, which started with the First Generation of Master Class student in October 2017 with a cohort of 34 students master candidates from 8 Western Balkan countries.

Mr. Sikirica before joining the Procurement Department of EBRD, in 2008, has worked in the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) from 1984 in different roles and was involved in project analysis and as a team leader of energy and other infrastructure projects. During that time, he spent four years in IADB’s Country Office in The Bahamas, responsible for project execution. In addition, he has dedicated most of his professional life to procurement activities throughout Latin American and Caribbean Countries in a wide range of tasks: conducting and reviewing procurement processes and documentation, procurement audits, training and capacity building, institutional capacity assessment, supervision, systems development and advisory services. He was engaged in the 3-year implementation of IADB’s New Procurement Policies and Procedures, and Action Plan. Also, he prepared complaint cases, proposed resolutions for, and chaired IADB’s Procurement Committee sessions.

A UK, EU (Croatia) and Serbian national, fluent in English, Spanish and a variety of Western Balkans languages,  Veljko Sikirica prior to 1984, has worked in EXIM Bank of Yugoslavia. Mr. Sikirica holds a Graduate degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from “Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico” and a Masters degree in Finance from University of Maryland.

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Fifteen Years of the State Commission for the Supervision of Public Procurement Procedures: Past Experience and Future Challenges




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